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Nabil Beitinjaneh

Nabil Beitinjaneh has more than 20 years of experience in business and strategy development, project management, systems and process engineering, people management and change management spanning both the corporate and the entrepreneurial world. In a corporate setting, he has continuously demonstrated growth, strong managerial abilities, business and technical acumen.

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Hanaa Badaoui

Hanaa Badaoui is a charismatic, multilingual, and driven professional with over six years of working experience. Hanaa’s innate business skills combined with her experience in fashion retail, banking, fundraising and event planning make her well­versed in business development and strategic planning. Her natural leadership skills were enhanced with her extracurricular involvement.

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Bita Sehat

Dr. Bita Sehat serves as a partner at Taramaki and is responsible for strategic analysis and marketing. Due to her entrepreneurial drive she has been involved with several start-ups. Her knowledge in business plan development, strategic planning, and operations is the reason she has been an entrusted advisor to other entrepreneurs. She has studied in Asia, Europe and North America and has worked in the latter two continents.

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